Our Puppies

We love and care for our girls (and boys) so we do not continually breed them. We have a waiting list and will be trying to get everyone currently on the list pups this year. If you are not on the waiting list and are interested in a 2020-2021 ish pup please call Cynthia Thank you for your understanding.

We would love to add you to our waiting list. Please call Cynthia to talk about how long it will be at 719 459-2017 or join us on our face book page Mountain Belle Sweeties. Because we are not large breeders we will not ask for a deposit until we think we are close to providing a pup for you. Once you give us a deposit it is considered a contract and non-refundable for the same reason.   These pups are sold but there will be others. 

We would love for you to come visit .


The third litter has arrived. Two Rubys and one Tri. Dinah (a Ruby)and our new boy Cosmo (a tri) are the parents. They will be ready to go home on Oct 20th 2017.

The Second of our 2017 litters is here!!!!!!! All of this litter has been sold as well. They went home on April 30th. Here is a picture of one of the 4 at 3 days and a picture of her at 6 weeks.

The first of our 2017 litters is here!!!!!!!!!!! We are sorry to say all four have been sold. Here is a picture of Mom Fiamma when she was a pup with future Dad Elliott.

Here is a picture of Mom Fiamma when she was a pup.

Call us about our next litters if you are interested. 

At Mountain Belle Cavaliers we are very careful to screen for common health problems of Cavaliers including heart conditions called mitral valve disease and hip dysplasia. They need regular love, brushing, ear cleaning and occasional grooming. Because we love our pets, they are family to us. We will take deposits for expected litters. You can can follow us on our Facebook page: Mountain Belle Sweeties

We are a family owned and operated breeder of Cavaliers King Charles, Spaniels and have over 20 years experience both breeding and caring for AKC registered purebreds. All puppies come vaccinated with their first shots. 

To see the puppies up close click on the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of our Previous years of puppies

  We love and care for our puppies carefully. Newborns are whelped in Cynthia's home and handled throughout the day for early socialization. We introduce them to many of life's experiences before going home with you. These early lessons provide exposure to the bigger world and also help with eventual house training.  

Every puppy whelped at Mountain Belle Cavaliers receives excellent nutrition, loving care, and strict attention to the way they relate to others. All of our pups are produced from health-tested parents, some of whom are champions. As a result, our puppies have a better chance of becoming healthy, beautiful pets than an animal which has been haphazardly produced by a back-yard breeder or "production" breeder.

The majority of our puppies will eventually be carefully matched with loving pet homes such as yours. Part of our joy as breeders is to see these puppies go to their new homes, thereby reflecting well on their parents and on ourselves as breeders.  

It is not unusual for folks to come back to us looking for another pup. That in itself is a true referral.

More Puppies for Those of Us that can't get enough. 

                          Cynthia with one of the pups                                                                    Deb saying hi to Meg

For most dog owners, the toughest challenge has been to find a good breeder. We are dedicated to breeding quality AKC registered pups. We work with you to match you with the right puppy. Our puppies are thoroughly examined for health concerns before they join your family.  We provide a one year guarantee on hereditary conditions. Our puppies are sent to their forever homes when they are 8 weeks old and have current deworming, (yes all pups are born with a need to be dewormed) and are on their way to being house trained. Our puppies are well socialized from birth and we provide a page about all the “introductions” they have had in their short lives.  We do all this because we believe you don't just bring home a puppy, instead you bring home a companion and a bond that will last for many years!

With your purchase of one of our puppies you will receive:

AKC registration, one-year health guarantee on hereditary conditions, list of introductions and experiences in the world, photo ancestry of parents and grandparents, plenty of Cavalier information, first shots, Vet health check, de-worming, and a toy to take home!  We offer a contract, outlining the terms and conditions for their care needs, and a provision that the dog be returned to us if for any reason the buyer(s) cannot keep the pup. 

We offer a contract, not to control the buyers after the sale, but to provide a safety net for the puppies we bring into the world to help ensure they live happy, healthy lives. We believe this is our responsibility, as breeders, to each loved pup. This also means we are available to help you, should the need arise, long after you buy the Cavalier King Charles. We want each of our pups to live out their lives as valued household members. We are not as interested in how many are finished champions, as we are in knowing they are loved and cherished family members.

Frequently all our puppies are pre-purchased so we do recommend that you make a non-refundable deposit so you will be able to pick a puppy and watch it grow on our Facebook page Mountain Belle Sweeties.  

You can call Deb at 719-510-6736 or Cynthia at 719-459-2017