We love and care for our girls (and boys) so we do not continually breed them. We have a waiting list and will be trying to get everyone currently on the list pups this year. If you are not on the waiting list and are interested in a 2020-2021 ish pup please call Cynthia Thank you for your understanding.

Raising Beautiful loving puppies since 1996

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You found us! Welcome to  our new website. We are Mountain Belle Cavaliers.           This is your source for Cavalier King Charles information. We have bred high quality Cavaliers since 1996 based in Colorado Springs, CO. Through this page, we hope to share with you some of our pictures that show how we raise and love these Cavalier King Charles dogs and puppies before they go to forever homes! If you would like more Cavalier King Charles information, please e-mail Deb at: theroost67@gmail.com or Cynthia at: dignityads@comcast.net. We have combined traits and qualities of the top AKC blood lines  to produce healthy, beautiful puppies with well-rounded, diverse pedigrees for your future pets.

                                                   Here is a little about Deb and Cynthia, Cavalier partners. 

Deb Yoder has been been raising Cavaliers King Charles pups for show and love since 1996. 

"My Cavaliers have been with me through all life’s highlights and tragedy’s.  They are a comfort and an unconditional devoted love in anyone’s life." 

We hope to bring one to you.

This is a picture with one of my 28 grand children, all of whom live near by. 

Cynthia Margiotta has been called the "Puppy Whisperer" over her years as a “Mid-woof” and now has found the breed she loves. I love, love, love this breed. There is no sweeter face to win your heart. One of mine is cuddled along side me right now while I write this testimonial! In this picture I have Ombra and Fiamma. I would recommend this breed of dog to anyone who would desire a lovable, smart dog that is easy to train. They learn commands very quickly because they are so eager to please their human. Their small size (11-18 pounds) makes them a wonderful dog for people with children, older folks or people in apartments. The only pitfall is that you'll want more than one...they are a joy in every way! They are such happy, sweet, loving dogs that never meet a stranger. To learn more about the "love sponge" see our page About Cavaliers.

To contact Deb:

(719) 510-6736


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I do prefer phone calls (719) 459-2017